Mar 9, 2014

Once upon a time

Today while I am at work bored as usual, I decided to check my old email.
to be honest I was shocked that my old blog is still out there .. ( well I had to delete must of the posts, they were kinda lame and personal ;p ) .. LOL I can't believe it, I was only 24 and today I am 29 !!!!

I was so out in the open exposing every detail about my life, I must tell you I changed a lot .. 

But I have to admit I really miss those days, they were extremely fun, and all of the bloggers were like a family to me !! 

I am sure no one is gonna read this, but I just felt like posting for the old times sake

Wish the blogging life would go back to what it used to be, LOL who am I kidding ;p but I must admit it was a blast being a part of this beautiful community ...