Jun 6, 2009


press play its time to feel
silence the phone
shutdown the computer
unplug the T.V
put the world on hold
get in the moment
open your mind
follow your heart
and let the music guide you
face your fears and set your self free
its only from the inside
you can truly see
freedom is singing at the top of your voice
and not caring who's listening
sing, we are you with you.


Candy said...

Lovely words ^__^
can i say welcome back @@??

Another-Penelope said...

weeepooo me singing :D welcome back !!

nosa said...

i liked the words :D

The Dawn said...


hey sweets sorry for not replying !
but i dunno whats wrong with me lately, i really miss blogging! but i dont feel like doing it, so i cant say that i am back back, but we will see ;p
and thanks a lot for asking, it meant so much ;**

another p

wohooooo ;p
thanks sweets :**


glad u likey i copied it from the album ;p

Gee said...

magoool ella 9a7 lsanech ya thomas :p

fajer throri nro7 neshteri el cd lana mo ga3da algahm online;@

Jouja™ said...


bel shaqlaba el saree3a we must
o thomas wa7da wala wa7ed 3afwan !

Don Juan said...

wooow ,, yeag we really have to feeeeeeeeeeeel it when we listen to music ;D
WB ;*

Bliss said...

Oh yeah.
Music is my life!!

K.D said...

hummm... so much for your finals, huh?!

Jouja™ said...

Don Juan

hehe, glad u likey ;)
3ad inta thweeq when it comes to songs :)
thanks my dear.


You go girl XD


dnt remind me plz :(
i hate them