Dec 12, 2008

They Take My Breath Away !!!!!!

shraykum feehum ,,
anlam itha they take my breath away !!!!!!

so now tell me ,, who takes your breath away ??


FourMe said...

the idiot that I'm in love with :/

J o u J a™ said...

why do we always fall in love with idiots !! its a shame ;p

Dudette said...

Those celebs look hot alright, but the one who takes my breath away is... indescribable. (a)

Abdullah said...

عيب يا بنات

Cloudy Stars said...


il body mako wa7d chethe jesma.. no way!!!!! :@

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

fdait cloooooneyyyyy ;**

J o u J a™ said...

elie wa5ed 3a2lik yet'hana boh ;p

its just a post my dear ;p

Cloudy Starts
he is amazing el kalb ,, and i love his tattoo ;p
and welcome to my blog my dear :*

7ayatie intay wallah inich thweeeqa :*

Stand-Alone~ said...

i'm with dandoon,, clooney all the way!! YEAH BABY!!

Halawa said...

The weird thing is... I fall for IMAGINARY guys ahahahaha!!!!

Yes you can laugh, but I fall for fictional dudes, ever heard of Twilight? Yeah, well, I'm a HUGE fan! And the main character in the book is heart-throb EDWARD CULLEN *swoons*... when you read the book, the way he's described is abnormal! I sort of have my own perception of him.. and SINCE it was made into a movie. ROBERT PATTINSON plays him OMG!
He's the one on the right!

If you read the book, you'd totally understand why I'm so obsessed with him.

I fell for Sirius Black from the Harry Potter Series. I fell for Jared from the Host, I fell for Zack from Final Fantasy VII.. hahahahaha... I guess I'm too picky! To come to think about it.. I do prefer the ARAB buffness, I mean, I wouldn't judge a person by his looks, but what harm would it be if he were a bit darker and had brown eyes instead of the blonde and blue eyes? Hahaha... to picky I guess :p

sadia said...
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sadia said...

a few men i know personally!

and this one guy who's a friend's freind. thankgod i can see his pics on facebook!!...drooool!! :S

like halawa, i love arab men too!
and i hate blondes!!

but clooney is rather nice..even freddie prinze jr!

MeeMzZ said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!
i like that dude ily mins9i7 the abs one!!

Ghadoor said...

u already knew

ZaMaHReeR said...

wain 9ortee? :(

J o u J a™ said...

stand alone
LOOL ,, clooney = YUMMY :P

LOOL ,, well thats wired but in a sweet way ,, me likey cuz it makes you unique .. and to be honest ma3rf those characters you mentioned cuz i dont read :P .. but they sound nice
and yeah i am not into blonds ela mn ra7ema allah ;p
welcome to my blog my dear :D

LOOL ,, he makes you drool !!
you must post his pic one day ;p
i love drooling *J/K*
yeah Freddie is a hottie as well

LOOL ,, lel7een i dunno which one do u mean ;p ??

yeah 7ayatie i know

3ayazt feek give me ur pic abeeha tharoori ,, bs inta abad la 7ayat leman tunadi

Balqees said...

wai wai wai waaaaaaaaaaaaaaai ya galbi :S

l7gooooooooooooooooooooooooooni :S

too many guy take my breath away
o kol youm fee wa7d LOL

XX said...

awwww,,, look at those hotties XD

CK guy,, turn me on <3

Aurous said...

a5eeeeeeeeeeeeeh 3la Josh Holloway <3

Oranjina fadidra said...

what gave?

J o u J a™ said...

trust me 7asa feech ,, cuz you know me 3ndina o 3ndich 5air :P

YUMMY ,, 9A7 ;P

3an jad inte 3a rasi mn foo2 ,, finally a7ad y7ebah m3ai ,, HE IS SUPER SUPER EXTRA ULTRA HOT HOT HOT ;p

no one ??

مستر مطوع said...

إللي تيك ماي بريث .. ملك الموت ... :)

... ما اراها حلوة ... منك هالحركة

وهداج الله ... ^^

Nymphadora said...

SHIT you have my exact taste in men it's scary lol

they take MY breath away :p

walla 3ndich thou8 add to the Dr. Alex from Grey's Anatomy :D :p YUMMI

J o u J a™ said...

Mr M6we3

wow wanasa a7ad nafsi thoooqi :D